The Shimer College Web Redesign

  • Image preview June 23
    The White Whale team shared a number of thought-provoking and funny design ideas with Shimer - and we think you’re going to like where we ended up.
  • Image preview July 17
    Peruse the latest in our design deliverables – things are really coming together with the addition of office pages and additional details!
  • Image preview July 1
    “News & Events” is a rather boring title for what ends up being the lifeblood of the college.
  • May 8
    Here’s a quick summary of our visits to Shimer thus far – thanks to *everyone* who has turned up to talk with us, to share ideas, and to express their excitement.
  • April 30
    Shimerians! Some of you have already met Janie and Kristin from White Whale, the company that will be designing our new website, when they came to campus to talk to students and faculty. Some of you have seen them and thought they were prospective Shimer students. Some of you are not on campus and so have neither seen nor met them. But you should. They are going to hurl us right out of the last century web-presence-wise.
  • Image preview April 26
    We’re excited to tackle this project with you – and to finally get Shimer College a website that feels more like Shimer!